Driving Growth and Optimisation: The Hay Experts Success Story

July 10, 2023

How ITQ Digital and Blink SEO Transformed The Hay Experts' Website

When seeking a fresh start and a forward-thinking agency, The Hay Experts found their perfect match in ITQ Digital. Frustrated with a previous agency's limited focus on maintenance, Lisa, the owner and founder of The Hay Experts, sought a partner capable of untangling their website's complex coding and elevating their e-commerce capabilities. In this blog post, we explore Lisa's experience working with our team, the improvements achieved, and the foundation laid for future success.

Lisa's Goals and Progress

When Lisa first reached out to us, she had several goals in mind. The Hay Experts needed an e-commerce specialist, not just website developers, to bring their site up to current standards. Lisa was highly impressed by ITQ Digital's partnership ecosystem, which seamlessly integrates external partners with the necessary expertise. As part of this ecosystem, ITQ Digital introduced Blink SEO to Lisa, a collaboration that proved invaluable in elevating The Hay Experts' online reach. Together, they embarked on the first stage of e-commerce development, resulting in a more responsive and updated website, as well as enhanced customer engagement through plugins.

Specific Changes for Improved Performance

ITQ Digital's initial audit provided an honest assessment of The Hay Experts' website and it quickly became apparent that several areas needed attention. Take a look at what Lisa had to say:

“Much redundant and wasteful code has been removed, an external search function added giving customers a quick and very effective set of search results, a robust review platform plugged in that also has social media support and a comprehensive email platform plugged in too. Checkout has been streamlined and overall customer experience enhanced.” - Lisa Whitty

Noticeable Improvements

Since partnering with ITQ Digital, Lisa and The Hay Experts have experienced significant improvements. Technical issues have been reduced, leading to a more stable website. Bugs, such as checkout "hangs," are now minimal, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience. With easier core patching and upgrades, The Hay Experts can now focus their time and effort on future development projects.

The Impact of ITQ Digital's Growth & Optimisation

ITQ Digital's Growth & Optimisation services have delivered remarkable results for The Hay Experts. They achieved a remarkable revenue growth of 162.79% and a conversion increase of 15%. These outcomes demonstrate the effectiveness of ITQ Digital's strategies and their commitment to driving measurable business growth.

Partner Ecosystem: The Impact of Blink SEO

ITQ Digital's partnership ecosystem proved invaluable in driving remarkable results for The Hay Experts, including the introduction of Blink SEO. They began by re-mapping the URL and website structure in line with search data, resulting in a clearer site structure that improved both user experience and provided a solid foundation for search engine optimisation. Additionally, target keywords were assigned to newly-created pages, and new metadata, including title, meta description, and H1, was provided.

Furthermore, Blink SEO made updates to the category page structure, ensuring optimisation in line with SEO best practices. This included incorporating above-fold and below-fold content, FAQs with schema markup, featured links, and related blog content. The comprehensive restructuring work laid a strong groundwork for ongoing optimisation, allowing the focus to shift towards populating the category and subcategory pages with properly optimised content.

The remarkable results achieved through Blink SEO's efforts are evident. The Hay Experts witnessed approximately 45% year-over-year improvement in organic traffic and a steady rise in keyword rankings for non-brand transactional terms month-over-month. Also, impressions surged by 112% year-over-year. The collaboration between ITQ Digital and Blink SEO exemplifies the power of our robust partnership ecosystem, enabling businesses to leverage specialised expertise to achieve exceptional outcomes.


Through their partnership with ITQ Digital, Lisa and The Hay Experts have experienced a remarkable transformation of their e-commerce platform. Our expertise, commitment, and collaborative approach, combined with Blink SEO's efforts, have paved the way for enhanced website performance, improved customer experiences, and remarkable revenue growth. Lisa's journey exemplifies the potential for success that lies in partnering with ITQ Digital, a forward-thinking agency dedicated to propelling e-commerce businesses to new heights.

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