About Blink

Blink is a specialist eCommerce digital marketing agency with offices in Norwich and Birmingham. We’re SEO and PPC-focused, and over the years we’ve helped hundreds of eCommerce businesses of all shapes and size increase revenue and build their online customer base.

We've been working with eCommerce brands to grow their businesses for more than a decade. Over this time, we've become known for our commercial awareness and a high level of insight, intelligence, and attention to detail.

We are very much focused on eCommerce SEO. This is what we do day in, day out. We also know the different strategies that different eCommerce businesses require to be successful, whether they are direct to consumer (DTC) or multi-category or brand retailers.

Why does ITQ work ith Blink?

Simply, because we share the same perspective. We lead with strategy, not just tactics. We don’t just “do SEO” or PPC. We want to grow your business, not tick boxes. This also means that we won’t take on projects that we don’t think are ready for SEO or other digital marketing campaigns.

We take a positioning-first approach, too. Building a great business is about showing how you are different from the competition. It is essential to get this right before you start spending on channels like PPC and SEO - this is why many of our projects begin with a positioning phase.

Working with eCommerce SMEs requires agile, flexible thinking and sensitivity to budgets, and a focus on getting the job done. We also share the view that the different aspects of the eCommerce mix can’t be treated in isolation. That’s why we cooperate closely on user experience and performance in order to drive the best overall results.

At the same time we put a lot emphasis on working collaboratively. We see ourselves very much as partners rather than suppliers - some of our clients have been with us since the beginning, and we’ve been there as teams have quadrupled in size, premises have expanded and new owners have come on board. For others, we’ve taken them from launch to multi-million turnovers and successful acquisitions.

Finally, we don't use contracts. We work with clients under flexible terms that can be exited at any time. This means the incentive is on to show that we can continually bring value to your business.

What makes blink different?

  • eCommerce SEO specialists

  • Over 10 years of industry experience

  • Strategic, data driven focus

  • Positioning-first approach

  • No contracts

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