Make the switch to
magento 2

Why Magento 2?

Magento 2 upgrade

Magento 2 addresses many of the weaknesses of Magento 1, and offers a highly responsive user friendly e-commerce experience.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of options available when you are considering which e-commerce platform to adopt. The market is full of benefits and USPs and the key is to choose the best fit for your products, your audience and their shopping experiences.

Here at ITQ, we consider Magento as the market leader in terms of flexibility, scalability and adaptability, offering a product and experience that gives your business a cutting edge look and feel. Whether you are B2B or B2C focused or looking to expand your customer base, Magento is custom-designed for e-commerce excellence.

  • User friendly admin & dashboard panel

    Intuitive & easy to navigate dashboard with information display, showing all your most important information such as average order value & top search. Creating new products & uploading them has been simplified and is also now possible to upload product videos beside product photos.

  • Magento 1’s
    end of life

    This scheduled for June 2020, so if you are considering an e-commerce site then Magento 2 should be top of your list. For existing Magento 1 users, support and updates will come to an end following this date, so a move to Magento 2 should be your next step forward.

  • Full page caching & performance

    Improved scalability & traffic handling – a more straightforward scaling process to deal with spikes in online traffic at peak times.

    Optimising response time and reducing load serve, with a page load speed 20% faster than Magento.

  • Improved user experience

    Responsively designed and SEO themes; the improved front end design brings enhanced mobile friendliness and a faster consumer experience.

  • Streamlined checkout

    With more customisation options, improved optimised checkout experience & enhanced PayPal integration. Checkout is available for guests without registration and registering after the checkout process is also now an option.

  • Security

    Improved security including PSD2 compliance & 3D secure protocol PHP 7.2 and 7.3 compliant which enhances page load speed improvement.