Who are Square Owl?

Established in 2014, Square Owl is a digital consultancy based in the heart of Manchester.  Our ethos is “Always Curious” which defines our scientific approach to analysis, understanding and defining digital strategies that deliver. We focus on ensuring a return on investment whether that be based on objectives to grow, reduce costs or improve the customer’s experience of your brand.

Why do ITQ Digital work with Square Owl?

For critical e-commerce business processes there is a need for efficiency and focus. Square Owl unlock hidden ROI potential in the e-commerce platforms you already own.

With over 25 years of experience and research in digital psychology,ITQ offten involve Sqaure owl on Design refesh and UX optimisation work. They also bring skills to unlock efficiencies in automation and integration challenges that growing e-commerce brands face.

Experts In

  • Checkout Process Optimisation

  • User Psychology & Research

  • User Testing

  • Channel ROI Optimisation

  • Funnel Analysis & Optimisation

  • Strategy Creation & Implementation

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