Who are Snappy Labs?

Snappy Labs is an AI-Conversational Commerce Platform that automates your customer service, using AI assistants specially trained for e-Commerce that are 100% personalised and easy to implement.

Snappy allows brands to have personal conversations and scale through messaging apps like WhatsApp, thanks to a powerful NLP-Assistant. With Snappy Labs, online stores can reduce customer service costs by up to 80%, automatically convert visitors into sales opportunities and offer their customers a new way to discover their products through their preferred channel, chat.

Why do ITQ work with Snappy

Snappy Labs uses smart speedy technology to offer your customers an individual customised experience, and ITQ  believe this is the best automated customer support tool out there. Snappy Labs is currently utilised by major international brands such as Samsung, Levis & Vans, demonstrating its capability and reach.

Benefits of Snappy Labs

  • Shopping Assistant to help your customers find new products & check their order status.

  • Customised answers & FAQ’s to give tailored support & guidance to your site visitors.

  • Omnichannel platform that is easy to implement to WhatsApp, Messenger & online stores.

  • Analysis of statistics & performance capability using metrics.

  • 24/7/Support for you and your online shoppers

  • Improved conversion rate and reduction in repetitive customer service calls

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