Who are Foregenix?

Founded in 2009 and with offices all over the globe, Foregenix are an international leader in Digital Forensics, Incident Response, PCI compliance services, and Cybersecurity. With their mix of technology and experience, they protect customer data, reputation and brands against threat actors and currently monitor around 9 million e-Commerce sites worldwide.

Foregenix prevent, investigate and solve serious cyberthreats for large enterprises, banks, card brands, government agencies, charities and SMEs all around the globe.

Why do ITQ work with Foregenix?

We have  partnered up with Foregenix to offer our customers gold standard approved security assurance packages. We believe that this partnership will give our clients the reassurance and confidence that every aspect of their site security is proactively managed and maintained from the outset.

What services do Foregenix offer?

With specialisms in the following areas and a managed service team of experts, Foregenix give you the peace of mind that security is their paramount concern, while you focus on running your business:

  • Digital Forensics

    System & network breaches.

  • Malware & Vulnerability Detection

    Bots, phishing, DDO’s.

  • Threat Detection

  • Security Monitoring

    Payment card data detection, file change monitoring.

  • SSL Monitoring


  • Annual Breach Warranty provided for reassurance


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