Who are Amore Digital?

Amore Digital is a PPC and Paid Social digital agency in Liverpool. We are an ecommerce paid media specialist and help clients get more sales via Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Our purpose is to ensure our clients get results using a data driven approach to boost awareness and therefore grow their business. With our 9+ years of expertise, we have worked with a wide range of businesses in the ecommerce space from luxury high street fashion retailers, cool instagrammable activewear brands, fun pet retailers and your local bed shop.

Why does ITQ work with Amore Digital?

We are passionate and proud of all of the work we produce for our clients. As we are a small consultancy, our flexibility allows us to adapt our business when it comes to any changes or developments within the industry. This means your business will be working quicker and more efficient than your competitors.

We have partnered on ITQ on various projects. By doing so we have both realised the additional value we bring to the clients.  Amore builds intelligent, effective campaigns that drives the clicks most likely to convert. From doing this we then partner with ITQ to suggest landing page improvements, whether that’s implementing an updated benefits bar, changing the layout of the product page, testing add to cart placement or colour. This means every client that comes on board gets a paid media specialist that is also invested in working with ITQ and them to improve their website.

What Makes Amore Digital Different?

  • eCommerce paid media Specialists with a wide range of case studies.
  • A heavy focus on Google & FB ads meaning we understand the platform inside out.
  • A boutique consultancy so every clients success is important to us.
  • No long contracts and we work on performance basis focused on hitting your ROI goals.
  • Friendly account management meaning we aim to establish long term relationships with clients. We love highlighting clients that have stayed with us 2+ years.

5 ways we optimise your businesses’ Digital Advertising Performance

  • Keyword & Audience Research

    We regularly update the keywords we attach to your Google account to ensure we are expanding your audience. We also ensure our audience research is effective when it comes to both Google and Facebook so you aren’t bidding against terms or audience that could potentially waste your money.

  • Device Analytics

    We have access to device information so we can optimise your campaigns for the device that suits your business as well as your customer.

  • Time of Day Analysis

    With our access to the latest technologies and our extensive business approach, we can adapt your bids to ensure maximum exposure on the right day, at the right time.

  • Remarketing Strategy

    Amore Digital are able to compile a list of potential past customers and create a strategy to ensure more customers come to your site, enhancing your digital ad performance.

  • Creative Testing

    The psychology behind our ad writing consistently performs and gets visitors clicking to the website and converting.

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