Unveiling PerioSciences\' Journey: A Q&A Session

September 15, 2023

Enhancing E-commerce Excellence: A Conversation with PerioSciences

At ITQ Digital, we pride ourselves on building strong and collaborative relationships with our clients. One such valued partner is PerioSciences, a company dedicated to providing top-quality oral care products. In a recent Q&A session, Mackenzie Blinn, representing PerioSciences, shared insights into their experience working with ITQ Digital and how it has shaped their e-commerce journey.

What were the initial challenges or pain points that prompted you to seek assistance with your e-commerce store?

We were having trouble finding a partner that we felt like we had good communication with. With previous partners, we felt like we had to spend a significant amount of time writing out notes and filming Loom videos to be able to communicate the issue to our partner helping with our e-commerce store.

With ITQ, we can summarise the problem in an online ticket and in the chance they don’t understand the first time, they ask the right questions to address the problem as efficiently as possible. They also help us make the right decisions for our business by doing things such as recommending Shopify apps or helping us build a project timeline that makes sense from a needs and financial perspective.

Can you describe your first impressions of ITQ Digital and the initial roadmap discussions?

My first impression of ITQ Digital was that they had a strong ability to understand the problem we were trying to solve, even if we didn’t know the correct verbiage to communicate the issue in the best way. In the roadmap discussions, I felt like the team had a good understanding of how long it takes to complete tasks and, if not, would come back quickly with a quote of the hours required.

In what ways did ITQ Digital's approach resonate with your brand values and aspirations?

ITQ Digital’s approach resonated with our brand values and aspirations in the sense that they are more focused on maintaining long-term relationships with their clients rather than getting the maximum dollar return upfront before developing a strong relationship. ITQ Digital has always been very fair and understanding throughout our relationship with them. They will help us look for alternative ways to approach a project to minimise the hours needed to complete the task.

How would you summarise the impact so far of working with ITQ Digital on your e-commerce success?

It has helped us make the necessary changes to be able to present ourselves in a way to customers that feels more aligned with our brand. We were able to revamp all of our product pages to provide more information to the customer as well as break our products down into different collections and allow customers to shop in a different concern-focused approach. It has been beyond helpful to have ITQ Digital to refer to when we are making decisions such as apps or platforms to use to support our Shopify store (i.e. subscriptions platforms, reviews platforms, etc.).

Looking ahead, how do you see the collaboration with ITQ Digital continuing to shape your brand's journey and growth?

I see ITQ Digital being along with our brand throughout our growth journey. They have always been ready to help us solve any problem that they don’t automatically have an answer for so I strongly believe that ITQ Digital can help us overcome any challenge. They have always given us candid and helpful feedback when we are facing decisions involving our e-commerce store. This has been an essential part of the relationship our team has with ITQ Digital, one where we can trust their expert opinions to help us make the best decision for the business, rather than the ones that will generate the most billable hours to benefit their team.


It's been a pleasure for us at ITQ Digital to collaborate with PerioSciences and contribute to their e-commerce success. Our dedication to understanding our client’s needs and working collaboratively towards their goals remains at the core of our approach. Stay tuned for more client success stories and insights into the world of e-commerce with ITQ Digital!