Shopify New Developments for 2020

August 7, 2020

Shopify has recently announced several new features so here’s the low-down on how they can help you boost your business and services in the current e-Commerce boom;

1. Shopify Balance

Shopify Balance account. Merchants can have easy access to their cash flow, pay bills, track expenses and make decisions about the future of their business with no monthly fees or minimum balance.

Shopify Card. Physical and virtual cards that merchants can use to access their money faster, when spending in-store, through mobile, or online.

Rewards. Cashback and discounts, designed for everyday business spending.

2. Shop Pay Installments

A new flexible payment option will be soon introduced allowing buyers to pay for purchases in four equal payments over time, with no interest or fees. Merchants will receive the full purchase amount upfront, and Shopify will collect the remaining installment payments. This is designed to help merchants increase sales & basket size.

3. Online store Updates

Express theme. Mobile optimised & designed for a one-page shopping experience. It can be used to get stores online quickly, and supports SME’s. Ideal for restaurants and cafes, who want to keep their online experience simple, but beneficial for any business.

Gift cards. Gift cards are now temporarily free to give additional support to merchants at this time.

Tipping. Now available into the online checkout so that buyers continue showing their support as more businesses diversify to online trading.

Selling internationally. Great benefits to international merchants and their buyers through two new features, Local domains and Custom FX pricing. Check out Shopify pages for more details.

4. The all-new Shopify POS

A fully redesigned, rebuilt, and extensible point-of-sale system with omnichannel capabilities at the forefront has been launched, bridging the gap between merchants’ physical storefronts and online store. It utilizes a smart grid, which puts apps at the forefront of the merchant experience.

Further additions in the near future include:

Contactless checkout. Using QR code scan to pay for in-store purchases via their phone using Shopify’s online checkout.

See what’s in-store. Buyers will have access to what merchants have available in-store via their website.