Magento Advanced Search Options

September 22, 2020

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As a e-Commerce store owner, having high conversion sounds like a dream come true, right? However, it is not easy and without proper guidance, you may fail to achieve it even if you advertise a lot. The most common reason why people leave your site is because of an inaccurate or inflexible search function. If a customer wants to check that a certain product is available in your store, but it was hard for them because your store doesn’t have a functional search engine, they then abandon your store, thus, lowering your conversion rate.

Now, the first question before we start is do you have advanced search and filter options for your Magento store? If not, we would suggest that you should have it as it will help you increase your e-Commerce store conversion rate. Here are some of the search options you can add to enhance your site:

1. Faceted Search & Dynamic Filter.

Allows you to narrow down your search, by applying different filters. Take for example Amazon, their search facility offer multiple options and functionality.

2. Multi Search Functionality

The Multi Search Functionality lets you type several keywords into your site's search, revealing on one page the results to several keyword searches.

3. Search by Image option

Search by image - returned results can incorporate the specific item the client uploaded as well as similar and related products.

4. Search by Price Range Function

This function will permit clients to see items that fall into a chosen value. This is shown as a simple to utilize slider that auto stacks new items as it is amended – perfect for clients who have a considered a price range before shopping.

5. Search Recommendation

The Search Recommendation Functionality shows possible categories and products as the user types, giving the customer multiple choices and functionality to click and select their preferred option.

6. Smart Search Bar

Allows products to appear as the user types, with categories being filtered on the search results page by specific detail such as price, colour, & size.

7. Autocorrect/Suggested Address Functionality

Checkout facility to autocorrect addresses to avoid mistakes on delivery addresses and subsequent shipping errors.

All the above points exemplify how dynamic search options can really improve conversion, and customer experience. Get in touch with us here at ITQ to explore your ideas and potential solutions.