Lockdown e-Commerce trends

April 8, 2020

The last few weeks have seen changes and turbulence in everyone's lives globally, with the Corona Virus outbreak and subsequent pandemic prompting unprecedented change to our daily routines and behaviour. These changes have been starkly illustrated by a massive increase in eCommerce sales and activity, as people order everything from toilet paper to bird food online to keep their homelife ticking along and essential consumable goods stocked up. Suppliers have had to rethink delivery and supply strategies, whilst managing enormous increases in consumer expectations & demands.

Alongside the essential purchases you might expect in the current environment, such as food, soap & pet food, there has been a surge in some other goods that might take you by surprise! A recent report by Stackline shows the top 100 fastest growing categories of online purchases. Right up there in the top 10 are; bread machines & weight training goods, whilst other big hits include ping pong supplies, hair colour kits & minerals.

In contrast there have been massive falls in other products - for example luggage, bridal wear & party supplies (balloons etc). As you might expect, many of the products that are not selling well are related to outdoor activities and celebratory events/large gatherings.

No doubt the coming weeks will bring further shifts in consumer spending and priorities, we will bring you some further updates as we get them!