ITQ Digital Announces High-Performance Paid Advertising Partnership with Amore Digital

September 30, 2021

ITQ Digital, a Bristol-based e-Commerce optimisation and support agency, has partnered with Amore Digital, the Liverpool-based PPC and paid social advertising specialist, to enable independent e-Commerce companies to scale rapidly through better optimised ads, and a better optimised e-Commerce setup.

PPC and paid social advertising have long been challenging for SMEs, facilitating a rapid increase in traffic and sales in the short term, but often resulting in high costs and pressures on margins in the long term as keywords and audiences become too highly contended. As a specialist in the sector, Amore Digital guides e-Commerce clients through the launch of early-stage, highly tailored and optimised campaigns, through to informing, configuring and managing longer term campaigns to drive ongoing traffic at rates affordable to ITQ’s e-Commerce customers.

Conversely, many SMEs struggle to convert the growing levels of traffic generated by their paid advertising campaigns and have issues in their checkout and fulfilment processes that result in poor ROIs, despite good performance in attracting customers to the e-Commerce website. Customers of Amore Digital can now depend on ITQ to optimise e-Commerce websites, back-office integrations, and broader operations to maximise orders, revenues and profits from the traffic originated from Amore Digital's highly effective campaigns.

Both Amore Digital and ITQ commence their engagements with well-established discovery processes, enabling customers to understand through a concise, no-obligation Clinic or Audit, how Amore and ITQ can support their company’s growth.

In partnering, Amore Digital and ITQ Digital offer their clients:

Ted Parry, Founder of Amore Digital, explains; “our clients turn to paid advertising because they want to see rapid growth in their businesses. Often this uncovers shortcomings in their e-Commerce websites that stifle lessen the ROI of Amore’s campaigns. Partnering with ITQ Digital was the natural solution to this problem, enabling our customers to quickly understand how they can optimise their e-Commerce both online and offline to realise the greatest possible benefits from their paid advertising, and for the necessary changes to be delivered quickly and reliably by a trusted partner.”

Sarkis Salleh, MD of ITQ Digital concludes, “we have seen a consistent trend over the last 10 years of niche markets becoming ever more contended online, and paid advertising becoming unviable for the most prevalent keywords in each sector. With Amore Digital, we can offer our customers the ability to plan and execute more agile, refined campaigns, drive traffic from a wider range of sources, realise better ROI, and evolve with the market over time, all thanks to Amore’s excellence in delivery and knowledge of the ever-changing dynamics of paid advertising.”

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