Is Magento 2.4.5 Right for You?

September 14, 2022

A quick glance through the update notes will tell you that Magento isn’t lacking in features, but some might be wondering if all this adds up to Magento being the right choice for their e-commerce store.

If you’re using a competing platform, using Magento while holding doubts about whether it’s right for you, or choosing a platform for a new business, this is a question that doesn’t have an easy answer.

However, if these descriptions fit your business, Magento might be a good fit:

Native SEO is a top priority

All e-commerce businesses have a vested interest in SEO, and if you want a platform with inbuilt tools to boost your ranking, Magento is one of the best. SEO-friendly URLs and redirects, metadata for relevant pages, and unique category paths to avoid duplicates are especially easy to manage when using Magento.

If SERP ranking is one of your main concerns, it’s a good reason to consider this platform.

Popular for a reason

Compared to more accessible alternatives like Shopify, Magento takes some time to understand. If you’ve used one of these alternatives before, you’ll probably find setting up Magento to be a slow process – you’re not just pushing “go” and watching your store go live.

While Magento doesn’t exactly hold your hand, it’s popular for a reason, and the open-source roots of this platform mean that there’s a thriving community that has documented a long journey of working with Magento.

A good developer is worth the investment

The thriving community that emerged around this open-source platform does have a downside: finding a developer that specialises in Magento development can be tricky. If you can find one, you might find that their prices are higher than developers for other platforms.

If you value a well-built website, you probably won’t think twice about this investment, but the added cost is something to consider for a business looking for a budget-friendly option.

Long-term growth

A growth-minded business will probably think Magento is their perfect match. It’s extremely scalable and able to handle enterprise-level traffic with ease. If you’re a small business that aims high, you could consider using Magento Open Source to build your store’s framework, with plans to transition easily to the more comprehensive Adobe Commerce.

A business that wants to keep things simple and manage problems later might do better with a different platform, but for a business looking to scale, Magento is well worth it.

Does the move make sense for you?

If you’re sold on Magento’s capabilities, but not the hassle of making it work for you, our team at ITQ Digital is here for you – we have experience helping clients optimise their e-commerce presence. Book a free clinic today so we can help you start achieving your transformational goals.