Introducing Hyvä UI

October 17, 2023

At ITQ Digital, we're dedicated to revolutionising online experiences for our clients, and we actively seek out innovative solutions in the dynamic digital landscape. A groundbreaking advancement that has captured our attention is Hyvä UI, a transformative component library tailored specifically for Magento retailers.

In this article, we will explore the incredible features and advantages that Hyvä UI brings, showcasing how it is redefining the online shopping journey and simplifying the creation of unique, personalised online stores that resonate with customers.

Unleashing the Power of Hyvä UI

Hyvä UI embodies a revolutionary approach to Magento website development. Crafted with a focus on performance and an exceptional user experience, this component library offers a streamlined and lightning-fast front-end development experience. It seamlessly complements Magento's robust capabilities while overcoming traditional front-end frameworks' constraints.

Our Top 6 Picks from the Hyvä UI Library

There are plenty of amazing features within the Hyvä UI library and we've picked some of our top ones that helps us take our client's Magento stores to the next level. So here's what you should take into consideration:  

1. Get That Click with Catchy Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Let’s talk about nudging your website visitors in the right direction. Hyvä UI serves up a bunch of Call-to-Action (CTA) elements that work like those cool signposts on a road trip. There are snazzy image-based CTAs, straight-to-the-point text ones, and even a mixed-bag approach. Choose what suits your vibe and keep those clicks coming!

2. Grab Attention Like a Pro

In the world of online stores, catching eyeballs is like scoring a front-row seat at a gig. Hyvä UI knows this drill and has eight attention-grabbing aces up its sleeve. Picture this: quirky Cookie banners and attention-worthy Notifications. You can mix and match to suit your brand's personality. Psst, the Newsletter titles and modish Modals are real crowd-pleasers!

3. Level Up Your Product Category Page (PCP)

Picture your product categories as aisles in a supermarket. You want them to be neat and easy to stroll through, right? Hyvä UI gets it. Their Product Category Pages (PCP) offer both pretty grid images and stylish grid patterns to keep it visually interesting. It’s like making sure your aisles are easy to navigate, and the goodies are all on display.

4. Product Listings, Now with Extra Oomph!

Think of your Product Listing Page (PLP) as the showroom of your online store. Hyvä UI knows how to add that extra ‘wow’. Now your customers can see sizes and colours at a glance, making shopping a breeze. And the cherry on top? A slick add-to-cart feature that seals the deal. Make your products shine and let the ‘add to basket’ spree begin!

5. Menu Madness

Ever been to a restaurant with a never-ending menu? Hyvä UI gives your users a similar experience but in a good way! Their header options are like offering different sections of the menu—there’s the classic static links menu, the mega menu with all the good stuff, and the vertical dropdown menu for a fancy twist. Your website, your menu!

Ready to Elevate Your Online Store with Hyvä?

Hyvä UI delivers on speed, performance, and user experience to elevate your Magento store to a whole new level. Visit our Hyvä partner page to learn more about the exciting possibilities that Hyvä UI can unlock for your e-commerce business.

At ITQ DIgital, we’re proud partners of Hyvä and we have experience in implementing their solutions onto Magento stores. Get in touch with us to discuss how we can leverage Hyvä Theme to create a unique and exceptional online store that resonates with your brand.