Google Shopping Changes

April 23, 2020

Did you know that Google have announced that it will soon be free to sell on Google? With the advent of the Covid-19 global pandemic, plans for this that were in the process of being considered have now been pushed forward. Rolling out on 27 April in the USA and then globally, it’s an exciting development for retailers and shoppers alike.

Google have said that “search results on the Google Shopping tab will consist primarily of free listings, helping merchants better connect with consumers, regardless of whether they advertise on Google”. This is a remarkable turnaround from Google who have not allowed free listing since 2012, and makes the market place more accessible and open for smaller retailers. It is hoped that the additional change of partnering up with PayPal allowing link up of existing accounts to Google Shopping will assist further.

There is no doubt that e-Commerce and online shopping expansion options have been massive lifelines for shoppers and retailers during this crisis, and this move will provide further product choices for consumers whilst promoting more retailers onto the platform.