E-Commerce Personalisation

January 3, 2023

Personalisation is changing the way we shop online.

With an increasing number of e-commerce stores offering personalisation, customers are now able to easily find products that meet their specific needs and preferences. Personalisation allows retailers to tailor their offerings in a way that resonates with shoppers, enabling them to deliver more targeted experiences and build stronger relationships with customers.

The benefits of personalised e-commerce are clear: increased customer engagement and loyalty, improved conversions, higher average order values, as well as enhanced customer service levels. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can leverage personalisation strategies for your own e-commerce store to drive better business results.

We’ll cover topics such as using data insights to create personalised experiences; understanding what motivates customers; leveraging AI technologies for smarter recommendations; and creating a seamless shopping journey across channels. By the end of this article, you should have a good understanding of how to use personalisation tactics for your own store so that you can start driving more sales today!

The benefits of personalisation

The benefits are clear for e-commerce stores: increased customer loyalty, improved conversions, and higher average order values. According to a survey by Accenture, 94% of consumers said they were more likely to shop with an online retailer that offers personalised recommendations. Furthermore, 78% said they would buy more if the experience is personalised.

Additionally, research from Econsultancy found that 78% of companies have seen an increase in sales after implementing personalisation strategies. With such high numbers backing up the effectiveness of personalisation tactics in e-commerce stores, it's no wonder businesses are increasingly leveraging these tools to create better experiences and drive more sales!

But how do you start developing your personalisation road map? We’ll be sharing some of the factors you should consider as well as steps you can take to bring your grand personalisation vision to fruition.

Where in the shopping experience should personalisation occur?

The shopping experience is full of potential for personalisation but where exactly should these personal touches be applied? A good starting point is to assess all of the touchpoints that your customers interact with along their journey. Consider how product recommendations, inspirational content, site search features and even customer portals could lend themselves to a more tailored experience.

Mapping out these opportunities on an individual micro-moment level is a great way to begin developing your personalised shopping ecosystem. In crafting an experience that feels tailored and genuinely helpful, you will help your customer move through their journey with ease which boosts engagement and loyalty.

What information should be used?

If you want to create a personalised customer experience, then having an understanding of your website visitors is vital. To make sure you have the most up-to-date and accurate data, start by taking a step back and considering what tracking tools you currently have in place - from CRM data to website analytics - all of which can be used to provide valuable information.

Once your tracking tools have been established you can then start gathering data such as:

- Page views and time spent

- Items added to cart and wishlist items

- Exit pages (the last page viewed by a visitor before leaving your website)

- Past purchases

- Average order value

For each data point, you should pick out any gaps that need to be filled up to complete the full picture - a bit of creative thought now can make all the difference later on. With this information, you can gain deep insight into your customers' needs and preferences allowing you to adjust and optimise your website for a more personalised shopping experience.

Integrating AI to assist with personalisation

The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning has been a game-changer for e-commerce personalisation. By adding an intelligent layer to the user experience, AI allows for real-time assistance that manual methods can't match. It gives businesses the opportunity to virtually accompany visitors as they browse your site, picking up clues to personalise their visits.

With its knowledge of your inventory, AI processes will be able to match a customer's preferences, budgets, and needs with exactly what your store has to offer. Not only that, it can identify patterns in the customer's past behaviour or even new customer segments that human interaction might not have been able to uncover. Whether it's making product recommendations to shoppers or carrying out real-time optimisations that would have been impossible before, AI makes all this possible - and scalable too! With the help of AI, companies can now craft individualised and user-centric shopping experiences making customers feel right at home in your web store.


Offering a personalised e-commerce experience is one of the most important components of any successful business strategy. Collecting customer data will help us better understand customer intent and will aid in the creation of individualised pathways toward purchases. This type of personalisation allows e-commerce stores to build better relationships with their customers, gives them exactly what they need, engages more with them and, ultimately, establishes loyalty that ensures long-term success for your business.

With the help of our expert team, creating a personalised shopping experience is no longer an intimidating task. From selecting valuable data points to interpreting the results and implementing the necessary changes, we are here to help your e-commerce store build relationships with customers which will have a direct impact on sales. Our team has a wealth of experience in offering our expertise so that businesses like yours can create a more personalised shopping experience for customers.

So why wait any longer? Let us join forces and make sure that you reach new horizons! Book a Free Clinic with the ITQ Digital team today.