Our Partnership with Codeless Platforms

October 17, 2022

Every business benefits from streamlining, but e-commerce business owners know that innovations to improve efficiency aren’t just a bonus – they’re a requirement.

E-commerce businesses use multiple systems and data sources to operate on a daily basis. Coordinating all this information is dangerously time-consuming, so integrating all of this information is key.

This is the problem that Codeless Platforms solves so well: Codeless Platforms integrates functions between major e-commerce platforms, letting your business operate at peak efficiency.

Codeless Platforms supports integrations with major ERPs, such as SAP Business One, making it possible to create front-end connections between your business’s ERP with your e-commerce platform. They also enable integrations with a huge range of back-office platforms, like Microsoft Dynamics and Sage.

With experience providing both Business Process Automation (BPA) and application solutions, Codeless Solutions has a long track record of making e-commerce businesses work more effectively. Some of their recent success stories with Graphics Direct and Knights demonstrate how much of an effect they can have.

Whatever integration you’re looking for, Codeless Platforms has probably done it before, but if they haven’t, their team of experts is more than capable of working with you to provide a solution.

Codeless Platforms offers over 30 unique ERP connectors. Some of their most common integration scenarios are:

· XML, CSV, TXT file integration
· ERP integration: Access Dimensions, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage Intacct, SAP Business One, SYSPRO, etc.
· eCommerce integration: Magento, Shopify, PrestaShop, eBay, Amazon Marketplace, etc.
· Email marketing integration: dotmailer, MailChimp, HubSpot, etc.
· Courier service integration: Parcelforce, DPD, Interlink Express, UPS, etc.

MailChimp Integration

Most of our customers use MailChimp for email marketing, and those customers have usually connected Mailchimp with Magento. However, many don’t know how much more utility MailChimp offers through further integration with back-end systems.

MailChimp integration is something that Codeless Platforms has handled extensively. They realised how much marketers value MailChimp data for lead generation – this information was worth all of the manual tasks that went into managing data for further use.

Codeless Platforms’ MailChimp integration synchronises MailChimp marketing lists, migrates campaign unsubscribe data into your CRM system, and automatically distributes reports for your sales department to use.

This solution is also vital for making unexpected campaign updates much simpler to manage. If your business runs into unplanned factors, such as slow-moving stock, integration allows you to automatically administer email campaigns constructed around these key data events.

Because it also automatically updates your CRM system with the results, this integration is a highly responsive asset.

Businesses that have already seen the value in integrating MailChimp with Magento will understand just how effective further integration will be for their overall efficiency. Having accurate, automatically updated data regarding orders and customers makes business as usual faster, and takes the stress out of unexpected events.

Case Study: Pulsar

We used Codeless Platforms’ solutions with one of our clients, Pulsar UK.

Pulsar UK is an apparel company, providing high-visibility, flame-retardant, waterproof, and electricity-resistant clothing. They work with multiple industries, such as rail, construction, and utilities. They have a wide range of products to manage and work with a wide range of customers, so they had numerous data points to keep track of.

Like so many e-commerce businesses, Pulsar used Magento but hadn’t integrated it with their ERP, SAP Business One.

E-commerce integration is one of the most common – and most beneficial – scenarios that Codeless Platforms offers for SAP Business One. Integration with Magento meant that data was automatically synced for Pulsar.

This SAP Business One integration supports connections with additional third-party systems, such as accounting, CRM, e-commerce, and warehouse management systems. It also offers the option to connect with tertiary software like courier and dispatch companies, payment services, communication tools, credit checking services, and more.

When SAP Business One can communicate automatically with multiple systems, changes that take place outside of the ERP can be instantly updated through multiple systems. In a sense, this integration unlocks the full potential of SAP Business One, as it makes the high visibility of workflow and processes even more functional through synchronised data entry.

This Codeless solution deployed used by Pulsar results in:

· Improved profitability
· Reduction in processing times
· The potential to easily scale the business, and
· Less time wasted through repetitive tasks and/or mistakes due to human error

Whether your e-commerce business has requirements similar to Pulsar’s, or entirely different, this kind of improvement is what ITQ can give to you with the help of Codeless Platforms. You can quickly get the information you need, sourced from multiple systems, and automatically synced through the Codeless Platforms integration solution.

Our Partnership

ITQ uses the solutions offered by Codeless Platforms to give you the simplest, most effective solutions for increased efficiency.

Codeless Platforms has some of the key priorities that we look for in our partners:

Flexible, scalable use

Codeless Platforms’ solutions are built to be adapted, modified, and scaled to your business’s needs. We don’t want to give any of our customers a solution that only works for them at a certain size. We give you tools that will grow with your business, not hold it back, and Codeless Platforms encourages your business’s growth.

Works with the tools and platforms our customer’s value

Obviously, Codeless Platforms knows what systems you rely on – their services are built on that knowledge! Codeless Platforms works with industry-favourite e-commerce platforms like Magneto and Shopify, making them a great choice for customers who want to improve their integrations for their platform of choice.

Excellent customer service

A good service provides solutions to make your business easier, but they also provide support when the unexpected happens. Codeless Platforms offers a thorough Knowledge Base for troubleshooting, but you can also contact their Support Team for assistance if you can’t find an answer.

Want to Know More?

We’re thrilled to have Codeless Platforms as one of our partners, and look forward to offering their integration solutions to our customers!

We select partners that complement our values, provide the best services and solutions available, and ensure a great experience for our customers. We work with partners to give you a wide range of supporting technologies.

To see our full list of partners, you can find details on our partner roster.

If you have questions about working with Codeless Platforms, or any of our other partners, we want to hear from you! You can contact us with any questions you have about how we use these solutions to benefit your business, and we’ll discuss your concerns or ideas.

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