Boosting Sales with SEO

July 1, 2020

Covid-19 has changed the face of e-Commerce; existing business models have been flipped and supply & fulfilment tested to its limits. New customers from new demographics have turned to online shopping as a lifeline and many will continue once lockdown is over. But how can you remain competitive and increase your sales now and moving forward? Whilst the look & feel of your site is important, SEO is absolutely crucial to boosting your profile & sales.

These are some key areas that you can improve to help your site.

Focus on Product Categories - less focus on product descriptions which are often overlooked by customers, and sharpen up your category structure and pages.

Links - Use canonical links to help search engines to identify specific URL’s, fix or remove broken links & optimise internal links to improve search results for your site.

Structure - Set up an XML sitemap, hierarchies of pages, ; there are loads of ideas to help better define your site and make your user journey smoother & smarter.

Site Speed optimisation - over 50% of customers expect a page speed load time of less than 2 seconds; slow loading time is the easiest way to lose custom before they’ve even hit your homepage!

Mobile Friendly - Mobile customers already account of roughly half of all online shoppers; your site needs to be slick, streamlined & user friendly.

If you need help with site optimisation and SEO please get in touch with us to discuss!