EcomEvolve is a relatively new business formed by senior managers from one of the longest established ecommerce software companies in the UK whose software has been used by over 5000 online businesses. Over the years, their clients have racked up over £12 Billion worth of online sales.

Using their proprietary process, EcomEvolve combines your business expertise and experience with an analysis of your sales and marketing data to build a picture of the different types (or segments) of people who purchase goods from you. They then identify the customers who belong in each of these segments and develop sales propositions based on their specific needs.

How does EcomEvolve work?

Working alongside the ITQ-team, they use this business intelligence to:

– Create online stores that engage and convert your most important customers

– Develop targeted content marketing plans that engage customers and drive repeat sales

– Generate the necessary mailing lists

– Improve your sales and marketing efficiency


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