Content Marketing For Ecommerce Store Owners

ITQ helps clients increase their site traffic and convert more site visits to orders by creating specific content that:

– Attracts customers in research mode by writing content specific to their buyer personas

– Collects information though calls to action and special content

– Converts through relevant products, offers and special promotions

– Engages visitors and builds loyalty through ongoing communication



Doing this in Hubspot delivers on the three key criteria Google uses to rank websites. Authority, Relevance and User Experience (UX).

Over the past 5 years many of ITQ’s clients have faced the same marketing conundrum, illustrated by the chart below:

– Falling rankings on Google due to Google’s many algorithm updates

– Rising PPC costs for advertising on Google as keywords become more competitive

– Difficulties in measuring effectiveness of SEO effort

Sound familiar?

ITQ has partnered with HubSpot to help clients showcase their subject matter expertise, present a more “human” face to their online business, and share valuable know how about their products through blogs, email marketing, social media and custom landing pages.

This content increases a website’s footprint on the web and social media and helps improve site ranking for a broad range of long tail phrases.

So, are you ready to drive more visitors to your site?


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